There’s something deeply disturbing about our personal anxieties, and let’s face it we’ve all had them and been affected by them at some time in our lives. The effect our worries have on our general well being are very great and damaging to both our mental and physical health, especially if not addressed when we need to.
Most people never get the help they need because we accept that worry is just a part of everyday life and little or no attention is paid to it, like it doesn’t matter. FEAR is the most basic of our emotions, it’s been with us hardwired in our brains from the beginning of our existence and has helped to protect us and survive, It’s a vital part of our physiology and without it we wouldn’t be here. In the early days of  humankind our needs were simple, survival was the name of the game and all our attentions were concentrated on staying alive, as long as we had food and shelter we could be safe and procreate; fear was our friend.
However things have changed over the last two million years or so and our lives have gone from not needing to worry about anything much, to worrying about lots of things all at the same time, like Work, Money, Mortgages, Relationships, Health and our fear factor has gone right off the scale. National statistics suggest that many people have mental health issues, and many more of us with related health issues that stem from an underlying psychological condition I think is simply ‘FEAR’.
If we had no fear it would almost surely lead to our demise as a species, but being under it’s influence every waking moment can and inevitably will drive a person to unnatural actions if we don’t learn how to turn it off when it’s not needed. The biggest problem in life for most of us turns out- not to be- what we should do for a living, or where to live or what to eat or if we should have children or not, it’s because we live above our means spending more than we earn. The problem is not so much money, as we like to think it is, but more the fact that we live under constant pressure to fit in and comply. Advertisers seduce us into buying stuff we might like and think we need when we don’t have money to afford them, and we fall into the trap of financial servitude or ‘DEBT’ as it is more commonly known.
The rest we are all familiar with, the dysfunctional family, Divorce, and poor health that are mainly to blame for the fact that we seem unable to live as we ought to, because we are too busy living as we are persuaded to by governments and corporations because, it’s good for business.
Of course none of that will change any time soon, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t escape the treadmill that threatens to wear us out and chuck us on the scrap heap; not if we really want to. So who’s fault is it Really when our lives are unfulfilled and our pockets are empty, sadly it is Our Own.
Believing in the system is probably the biggest mistake any of us could ever make and should know that our hard work good will and integrity never really count for anything as far as the system is concerned.

Love is the way, it always has been, and always will be and for what it’s worth remember

  “It is better to Live Simply Love and be loved rather than to live for Money and Possessions”
Weather we are aware of our mortality or not, we all die
– You Cannot Take It With You –

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Count no man happy until the end is known



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