When we eventually leave school and begin our first jobs we forgive ourselves – and are forgiven by others – for the mistakes and mishaps that afflict us. At school I was taught the value of initiative, learn to think for yourself young man and become a do’er – They Said – get on with the task and your superiors will appreciate and reward you for your enthusiasm and courage, don’t ever say In your own defence that it wasn’t your fault because you were Left Unsupervised, that just won’t do.

I remember the advice as clearly today as the day it was given, the message was knocked into us so it should penetrate even the dullest of minds, and for the greater part of my life it seems to have worked, except for today.

As is sometimes the case when I’m out taking pictures, I find others are doing the same. Some carrying equipment of a quality far superior to my own and looking as much for conversation as they are to take pictures: they are the ‘Techy Nerds’.

An enquiring lot, they always ask what gear I’m using & how much it cost and so on and it quickly becomes more interrogation than conversation, a more ‘My lens is longer than your lens’ kind of thing, until I change the subject to something like photography or they feel satisfied they won the
Who’s got the best camera kit contest, and move on.

I must say that most folk I meet are nice enough and today was no exception. When Mr Geeky finished telling me about his most recent purchase and how he had to sell a kidney to pay for it, he proceeded to tell me how he loved to take photo’s of swans but almost always lost detail in the plumage, to make him feel better I said Yeah ! it happens to me too, a lot, try spot metering and bracket for minus one stop to be sure of a decent exposure Blah Blah, and that should do it.

Anyhow he said thanks, in a not very convincing sort of way, then decided to tell me how big his sensor was, Oooo Errrr, and guess what, it was bigger than mine,
Full Frame in fact then went on his way, Boo Hoo, Poor Me.

I stayed at the lakes for another half hour or so until the weather took a turn for the worse and decided to leave, at which point I realized that for the last two hours I’d been taking pictures with a steamed up lens, Doh ! I’d forgotten to clean it and everything I’d taken would most likely turn out soft. Sugar..!

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