If two swallows don’t make a summer then two days of snow don’t make a Winter, and that’s all we have had up to now here in Manchester, but there’s still plenty of time for that to change.
For those who are here for the first time, each week I will be making at least one or two visits to see how the local swan communities are getting along, record details and take a photographs along the way and any worthy will be posted here on the IJP WP Site.

 I took the one above at lunchtime today and as you can see it’s anything but Winter.
Many swans have alphanumeric rings attached to their legs to identify them, the information is held on databases to helps to keep a check on such things as age / migration and so on but systems vary. Collecting IDs is difficult as I am using a pair of binoculars to read them, so it will probably take months for me to make a list to identify them all and find out which areas they are native to.
Some of the rings are blue plastic with three white digits, some with four, those with three have most likely been ringed locally at Farnworth, Ringley, Prestolee, and other places along the Irwell valley. Those with four digits beginning with a ‘T’ are from other places beyond the North west of England within the UK, some rings are metal and may be have been ringed in eastern parts of Europe where they are more common.
Anyway it should suffice to say that it’s always a pleasure for me to sit and absorb the beauty of these beautiful birds. Even though the day was chilly it was a Pleasure to sit in the Sun and wait for something to happen.
I will be adding a Photo section on the site just for Swans & Waterfowl as soon as I can find the time, with a Link at the end of each BlogPost.

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