‘A Short Post From Swanblog’

As part of my longform ‘Swanwatch’ I’m looking for two that make a mating pair so I can observe and document their lives throughout the year, here are two likely candidates.
Identifying which is which can be difficult, even for the experts, but I’m going to take a stab at the one in the foreground to be Female and the larger one in the background to be Male. I have written down their ring IDs so I might hopefully find them again later, along with other identifying details for good measure, time will tell if I am right, or not.
The Unlucky pair that gets me for company will form the focus of the watch, although there will be plenty of other pictures to look at too and maybe a few other species of birds thrown in just for variety.
I hope to observe their progress through the Nest building and Rearing period (at a distance of course) but if they fail to produce a clutch or just disappear to another location I will have to find another pair. It should go without saying that ‘I won’t’ be giving away the location of any nesting pair so as to afford them the peace and security they deserve, so please
Don’t Ask !
Although it’s early days and too cold for my fingers to work my equipment properly, I’m enjoying it already. I Intend to ease my way into the project perhaps visiting two or three times a week for an hour or so and see how I get along, but I don’t have much of a plan and it really doesn’t matter,

I’ll be Winging it…Haaaa.


More @ Weebly http://bit.ly/1ZbqhMW


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