The Sun is Shining the Birds are singing, and a quick trip to a local Water Park to shoot some wildlife (take some pictures) has left me in no doubt that Winter has finally appeared from the dampness of the autumn rain: Brrrrrr.

All the Birds a chap could expect to see were in evidence, just as I left them before the Great Rains came, overflowing the River and flooding parts of the village on it’s banks.

Luckily I live above the Irwell Valley and not in the ancient village of Ringley a hundred and fifty feet below (the valley is steep here) so there’s no danger of being flooded, unless the Gods get angry and melt the ice caps completely, then I may need a boat.

The river runs passed a collection of small lakes that once fed mills for making paper and other unpleasant industrial activities of the 17th and 18th centuries that so polluted the river it was effectively dead for the best part of a hundred years from waste dumped into it.

Today it’s is no longer the cesspool I recall it to be as a child. Sitting on the banks of the Canal above on a summer’s day made for a wonderful view of the river below. I recall the water was dark as peat with a smell of bad eggs and layer of foam behind the weir, definitely ‘Not’ something you would want to fall into.

Now the area has been landscaped, the lakes made shallow to prevent drowning and park keepers maintain the area for the public to enjoy the wildlife in safety. When your furniture’s not being washed away in torrent of water, life down in the valley is can be   very pleasant indeed.

Soon it will be ‘Spring’ (I’m Smiling at that thought) and the swans will start to prepare for mating with courtship and build their nests. Those that already have mates (they can pair for life) are already displaying signs of an amorous nature and two stood obligingly beside me and groomed themselves whilst doing the old  ‘let’s tie our necks in a knot’ routine, while I took pictures and lost the use of my fingers.

‘I Enjoyed It’

Visit  ‘IrisPhotoJournal’ Via the link below if you would like to See More. I will post more Pictures as soon as I have processed them Thank You !


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