– Background Info for the Novice –

Out of the seven species of Swans known to us most of us are able to identify a ‘Mute Swan’ when we see one, in fact most of the Swans we see here in the UK are ‘Mute’, successful because they are Big – Territorial -Adaptable – and have multiple chicks every year, around three to eight in a Clutch.

Other Species are the ‘Black Necked Swan’ – ‘Black Swan’ – ‘Bewick’ –  ‘Trumpeter’ – ‘Whistling’ – ‘Coscoroba’ & Whooper..

Swans reach maturity at three and usually mate at four if they find a match, they mate and a clutch takes 35 days to incubate & hatch. They live for about ten years in the wild longer in captivity and members of the Goose & Duck family.

If you’re a Swan Fan you will Know this already, I put this here by way of an introduction for people new to Swans or bird watching.
Please feel free to correct me if I make a mistake, I may be a Fan and Photographer of Swans, but I’m no expert on them. You can use the contact form to send or request information as you like, or Message me on Twitter.

This is ‘Photographic Journey’ not a fact finding mission, and I hope to create Images to satisfy the interest of those who decide to follow ‘SwanWatch’ Blog.

All the locations I visit will be local. Opportunities will be subject to the Weather, Light Conditions & Time, and although I hope for good luck only the following six to twelve months will determine if I am to be successful.

I’m calling this the first day proper of ‘SwanWatch’ Blog and I may even venture out into the cold for a second time today (first was with my dog) as it’s stopped raining and the light has improved, some what.

For more immediate updates and info you can follow me on Twitter
​Thanks & By for Now..!

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