– A Longform Project 2016 –

Swans have to be one of the most approachable animals around, they are everywhere. From Frozen Tundra to Village Ponds, we find them wherever we go.!
Our relationships with this magnificent creature goes back as far as recorded history and probably beyond, they are such a loved and familiar part of our landscape that we afford them special permissions we don’t always afford to other creatures in the Landscape.

As children we learn trust as we feed them, along with the ducks, who although arguably are more entertaining they are more than happy to play court jester to their their Regal counterparts. Whilst we all love to laugh at the antics of ducks we, have too much respect to do anything other than admire Swans for their
Elegance & Standing.

Not ones to shy away from attention and always happy to accommodate our cameras as they glide about, they repay our interest with a very personal insight into their celebrity style lives, whilst at the same time keeping us at a respectful distance so as to appear not so friendly that we might appear to be on speaking terms: as it should be when meeting Royalty or People of High authority and Importance.
They may be slightly aloof, but they sure ain’t Snobbish, they have way too
much style for that.

Nothing if not Grumpy, they require no security if the common folk get too close, especially at nesting time or when out with their offspring. Being in demand and playing to an audience is one thing but having a camera shoved in your face from one meter away is usually to much for any self respecting Swan, and such familiarity is often paid with a ‘Lunge for the Lens’ or a ‘Wing Flap’ to keep us in our place.

Once was the time when Royalty would eat these wonderful creatures, but now they are Royalty themselves, fed watered and cared for like no other they are possibly
the most loved, Pampered and Photographed
Birds in the World.

I’m now working on creating exclusively ‘New Images’ for this project some of
which I will be posting here at WordPress & Weebly You Can also Find me on irisphotojournal.twitter.com if you wish to follow me.


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