No other animal is more Iconic to England than the Swan, so I’m going to take a look at them to see what they mean to the people of the Nation. If we go to any suburban park we are sure to find people feeding and admiring them along with the ducks and geese. Most swans on open waters are (technically) owned by the Queen but this rule is not strictly adhered to. The yearly count is only carried out on certain parts of the River Thames over a five day period by a group of people known as the Swan Uppers.. It takes place annually on the last Monday of July, see a short video of this annual tradition in the video section Here.  Swans are Magical Creatures, for me no other animal quite matches the grace, strength and beauty of a Swan..

More at IPJ Weebly.Com Just Follow the link below..

“The Wild Swans At Coole”




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