This was shot from ‘Rivington Pike’ on a summers day looking across the West Pennine Moors (Bolton UK) and there should be no mystery about how it got it’s name. Most of the time it’s pleasant enough but when the weather turns bad, it’s a place to keep away from. Not withstanding the obvious fact that someone has placed a collection of ironmongery on it’s summit or that you will find more people up there on summers day than you might find down at the local supermarket, It’s a rather wonderful place to visit for a walk and to take in the views of the surrounding Towns and Villages, to which I have been apart of and attached to for most of my life.
If it looks kind of flat here it’s because I used a long lens and cropped the image to fit the header, but it does go up and down quite a lot, so be prepared if you feel inclined to visit.
There are two ancient Tyth’e Barnes down in the Valley of Rivington affording rest and refreshments, you can start and finish your walk at either one of three car parks and It’s Free. Use the link at the bottom if you want to find out more, it will take you to another of my sites where you will find a short article on the history of the area and how it became free land.
Iv’e taken lots of pictures of this area during my life and never got tired of it, I go there at least three or four times every year, sometimes even in winter it gets really cold but somehow it doesn’t seem to matter that much as I always feel a sense of belonging, and that warms me up from the inside.The picture below was taken at pretty much the same time as the one above using the same lens, and it’s clear to see that both the weather and light conditions can be dramatic and change very quickly.

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IMG_Wint hill mast 2


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