I took this on a day out to Cromer, one of a number of shots of its pier from various positions I took that day.
It’s not the best picture I ever took, in fact it’s a grab shot I paid little attention to until I got home and looked again. It was supposed to be a candid shot of holiday makers around the pier, one of those shots photographers take to soak up the atmosphere and connect with the subject matter.
Even the keenest eyes can miss something that has the potential to ruin a picture, like the lamp post that sticks out the top of someones head or a crisp bag in the foreground of a meticulously arranged landscape that just blows in as you press the shutter. In this shot an old lady with her dog and baggage somehow included themselves in the frame without me noticing but rather than spoil the shot she made it, her short performance for the camera has created something of interest and worth. I have no idea who she is or how she got there, she couldn’t be any more obvious holding out her arms and waiting for the shutter, and I missed it.
My attention as remember was on the gentleman on the left with the plastic bag, his jaunty gate and grey beard like that of an old sea dog looked to me like the kind of sympathetic element all good seaside pictures should have, and I pressed the button. Although this not a great image it is an interesting one as It leaves me wondering who she was and how she placed herself so perfectly in the frame. I couldn’t have placed her better if she had asked to be in it. Whoever she is I am happy she included herself as she makes this picture something I never expected it to be. A ‘Happy Accident’ for me and an opportunity for her to be recorded for posterity, Thank You Old Lady..!

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