I suppose the very nature of a Photographer is to be Nose’y, or should I say enquiring. Whatever the case it was an issue not lost on two pigeons I snapped at the ‘Martin Mere’ wildfowl sanctuary ten years ago. My wife calls them ‘Flying Rats’ Vermin and a few other names I won’t recount here, but I like them !
Their plumage has a vibrance of colour you wont find in the earth bound kind, and make great subjects for anyone starting in Wildlife Photography. Apart from being plentiful and well adjusted to the presence of human activity, they can be strikingly beautiful, as can be seen here.
Perfectly positioned on top of an old gate post they sat patiently and peered down my long lens as if to say ‘We’re watching you buddy’ until I pressed the shutter, whereupon they promptly flew off, very obliging if you ask me.
In the film business they say ‘Never work with Children or Animals’ and while there’s merit in that statement I can tell you that they are not equally matched in their propensity to: f**k things up ! give me a treacherous landscape and a heard of wild beasts to photograph any day of the week before a room full of noisy kids and vomit, and I’m a Happy man.
They say that Landscape photography is the most popular form of photography followed closely by Wildlife and I can understand why, it’s pleasant. Unlike Street Photography which sometimes comes with abuse / damaged gear and the ever present possibility that you could receive a punch in the chops, interesting work but dangerous. Judging by the fact that I am able write this blog you should by now be aware of my photographic bias, Iv’e been abused numerous time, especially by my wife (she tells me to Go Away) but I have never had my eyes pecked out or been bitten by an animal, Never !

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